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Endless Pattern Drafting

I can’t figure this one out, unless it had to do with extreme fabric distortion. But when I sewed up Version 2.0 of my bodice sloper, the armholes didn’t fit at all. This is the pattern I traced directly from the altered sloper that I was wearing, so you would think, if there was anything logical about this whole sewing thing, that sewing another one from that pattern would fit. I was wearing a thicker bra when I tried the second sloper on, but I don’t think that would really explain it.

It doesn’t matter because I opened the armholes way up (and let out the side seams at the chest level, which will hopefully accommodate the thicker bra) and traced a new version.

I drafted some sleeves from the original Version 2.0 sloper measurements, and had some really weird discrepancies. With the new measurements from the armholes that actually FIT, the sleeve measurements worked out almost perfectly. So I have high hopes that the sleeves might have a chance in hell of fitting when I sew them.

So it doesn’t make much sense for me to post my original bodice sloper images that I promised. I’ll have to take pictures of the new versions.

I sewed up the skirt sloper with minimal issues, thank god. Someday soon I hope to be able to design and sew things (and alter existing patterns!) that actually fit.

I did finish the mauve satin skirt. Like I said in the last post, the fabric was much harder to work with. Overall, the skirt is fine, but the hem — how to put this politely? — sucks. Next time I work with this type of fabric I’m either going to hand-sew and/or roll a narrower hem and/or use some kind of basting tape. When I’m feeling less lazy, I’ll set up the tripod so that I can get a picture of me wearing the skirt. I don’t have a dressform, and for some reason throwing the skirt over the back of a chair doesn’t make for fine photography.

I know this is technically my sewing blog, but I’d also like to post pictures of other craft projects as well. I finished a beaded ornament that I’ve been working on for YEARS. No, it wasn’t so complicated that it took me years to finish. To make a long story short, I messed something up and I really didn’t feel like redoing it, so I procrastinated like crazy. The sad part is, it was a gift for my mom. A gift that was a few years late. I’m so proud.

Stay tuned for pictures, hopefully before the end of the year.