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The napkins are done! I still have to do the six placemats, though. That’ll be more of a challenge because of the weird fabric.

Here are some pictures. Of course, I didn’t realize until I was editing the images that I picked up the very first napkin I did, so it’s probably my worst one. Way to go, Jeanne!

Closer view
Close-up of pumpkin applique

And just for fun, I snapped a picture of the lovely unraveling threads on the back of the placemat that I mentioned in my last entry.

Awesome work, Jeanne!

I went to JoAnn’s today and spent the rest of my gift cards. I picked up a buttload of new bobbins (I ran out) as well as some pattern interfacing and this extremely cool hand embroidery book. I figured that since I’m not going to have an embroidery machine for a while, I may as well learn to embroider by hand. Creative people always find a way around their limitations, right?

With this pattern interfacing, I can start working on pattern alterations. I’m still working my way through the fitting books.


I’m reading up on some pattern alteration stuff before diving into my next garment project. In the meantime, I’m working on a simple pumpkin applique, once again from Clotilde’s Sewing Savvy. What can I say, I’m into making cute stuff lately.

Of course, I’ve already learned something important. Something that is probably quite obvious to everyone else in the world: check the washing instructions before chucking the fabric into the washing machine. See, I got these placemats and napkins for the project, and washed them according to what kind of fabric they were (cotton) without noticing that the little tag said “hand wash only.” Derp. So there are some…problems on the back of the placemats. Namely, some of the weave threads broke and unraveled. It hasn’t made its way to the front of the mats, so I may be okay.

I’m still learning to applique corners, but by the time I finish the six placemats and six napkins, I’ll probably be a pro.


Long post!

I’m currently reading this book, which I bought ages ago and never read all the way through. Holy crap, it answers a lot of the questions I had regarding the basics of sewing. The thing is, I didn’t really understand a lot of it before I a) did a little bit of sewing, and b) took all those classes at the Sewing Expo in November. So I guess I needed a little more background.

I’m currently studying pattern alterations. Some of it, like adding more fabric for the bust, confuses me. Luckily for me, I have a tiny bust, so I will not have to deal with this any time soon. Joy!

I’ve also seen good reviews of this book on and on Amazon. So maybe next time I go to the bookstore I’ll have to pick it up. I have $60 in B&N gift certificates, which I will use on a pattern-making book I want.

I have a Joann’s credit card, from which I’ve already received $40 in gift cards. I have more on the way, which is good because I already spent the others (plus some) at Joann’s last week. I got a whole bunch of stuff, including (but not limited to) a style ruler, some more pressing equipment, eyelet pliers, sewing machine needles, and some new presser feet (from Viking, in the Joann’s store).

My current project before working on any of my character costumes is a dress pattern (Simplicity 9891). I’m doing the one with the collar. I picked out some light green stretch velvet with some off-white patterned satin for the collar.

I also bought some tracing paper last night for making my own alterable copies of the pattern. I took some of my measurements, and to no one’s surprise, I’m much, much smaller on the top half than on the bottom. I also have long legs, a very short back waist length, and a longer waist-to-hip length. :P

Oh, and the sewing room is finally clean!