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More Socks!

Somehow I got it into my brain that I wanted to knit all the sock patterns in Sock Innovation by Cookie A, in order. Since Christmas 2010, I’ve been making steady progress. Here’s an image dump of the first four completed pairs.

Knitted in Mountain Colors Crazyfoot (Sagebrush colorway)

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Shepherd’s Harvest 2011

Well, it’s been almost a year since I last posted. I have a ton of stuff to update, but I’ll have to split it up over several posts.

In the past year, my life has undergone a huge change — I got a full-time job! I now work at Adobe on the Photoshop team, which is pretty much the coolest thing to happen to me in a long time. Of course, that means that I went through a major adjustment period starting in August, and I don’t have as much free time anymore. But I can actually afford my hobbies now, so there’s that.

This weekend was Shepherd’s Harvest. In my last post, I wrote about my newfound interest in spindle spinning. Despite my love of the spindle, I ended up buying a spinning wheel as part of my “yay I got a job” present. It’s a Schacht Ladybug, and I love it! Here’s a photo.

I’ll write a spinning update soon, but for now, I’ll post pictures of my awesome Shepherd’s Harvest haul. Let’s just say my budget was greatly improved over last year. Even so, I only spent just over half of my allotted budget.

It will probably take me years to spin and knit/crochet all of this.

I’ll start with the various fibers. As you can see, I really like the braided stuff.

Gone Batty Fibers
4 oz.
Color: Heather
100% Wool

Gone Batty Fibers
4 oz.
Color: Tapestry

River’s Edge Fiber Arts
P.M.S. (Prime Merino and Silks)
4 oz.
Color: Chocolate Dipped Raspberries
65% Merino/35% Silks x 3

Happy Hands Hand Dyed Fibers
4 oz.
Color: Pansy
Falkland Top

4 oz.
Color: Juke Joint
60% Superwash Merino/30% Bamboo Rayon/10% Nylon

HoneyGold Acres
4 oz.
Falkland top

Fiber by Malla
1.7 oz.
Color: Signs of Spring
Wool, silk, mohair

Frabjous Fibers
Hand-dyed Merino
4 oz.
Color: #10 Moulin Rouge
100% Merino

Goldfish Love Fibers
4 oz.
Color: Not Like Me
100% Corriedale

And then we have the yarns…

Corny Goodness
100% Ingeo PLA (Corn Fiber)
100 grams
460 yards
Color: Spruce – Medium

Corny Goodness
100% Ingeo PLA (Corn Fiber)
100 grams
460 yards
Color: Mulberry – Medium

IlLOOMinated Yarns
Colors from Nature
Minnesota Hollyhock
55% superwash BFL/45% silk

Little Gidding Yarn
1 oz.
215 yards
Color: Teal
100% Suri Alpaca

I got some other stuff, too:

Needle Felting Kit
Martin’s Magical Menagerie
Small Bunny

Drop Spindle Earrings
Made by Becka Rahn

I also got a starter kit for dyeing (not pictured) and Amigurumi Toy Box by Ana Paula Rimoli. I figured that learning dyeing is the next logical step, even though I probably have no time to learn another skill. Oh well!

There were so many awesome vendors — it was very overwhelming to wander through the buildings and decide what to buy. I can’t wait till next year!