Lion Brand Motif Afghan CAL (Fall 2009)

I am not even going to try to play catch-up with this blog, because that’s what got me in trouble this last year. So let’s fast-forward to the present where…well, actually I’m playing catch-up with my crochet projects. Go figure. I’m in that familiar place that so many yarncrafters (and other types of crafters) find themselves — in the middle of a big pile of unused yarn and unfinished projects. It started to stress me out, so I’m now going through and trying to finish all my unfinished projects. I’m doing well so far, and hope I can stay on track. Stop laughing.

Last fall, in spite of the many projects I already had going at that time, I joined the Lion Brand Motif Afghan Crochet-a-long. I couldn’t resist — it was a motif project from Edie Eckman! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned her Beyond the Square book on this blog before, but I have linked to quite a few of the Motifs I’ve made from the book. It is awesome, and I highly recommend it. The book itself is very beautiful as well.

This particular CAL was an afghan made from Motif 48. Using the CAL blog posts for guidance, I decided on a smaller afghan made of seven columns, with nine hexagons per column. The afghan is for our downstairs recliner couch, which is a merlot color with little flecks of various other colors. I got a ton of Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn at JoAnn’s on discount, so I should have more than enough to finish the project. I found a red color that perfectly matches our couch, along with olive green, dark blue, and off-white, all of which match the aforementioned flecks of color in the couch.

Using Photoshop’s shape tools, I drew up a basic plan for the colors and the layout. Each motif uses a different color pattern, and each motif has the green color in it. Here is the final plan:

Although I’m joining the motifs as I go, I am not weaving in the ends as I go. I tried stopping and weaving every three motifs, but I got bored. I know I’m setting myself up for a world of hurt when I finish all 63 motifs. After I finished seven motifs, I got distracted by other projects. Oh, and the horrible flu. Yes, that one. This was back in October. In April, I picked the project back up. After a few more motifs, I got back to my loose gauge — I figure a few motifs that are smaller than the rest is not the end of the world. I just finished the sixth column today — one more column to go! Here are photos of my progress so far:

I just hope I will not give up when faced with all those ends…and all that blocking!

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