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Ginny's new bed

I finished the dog bed! As always, the pictures are taken with my little camera and very little image correction. Forgive my laziness.

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I made it using Simplicity 7014. I used a light yellow minky fabric for the main part of the bed and black polar fleece for the ears and nose. The interior cushion is made from muslin.

I’m planning to write a more detailed pattern review for (duh) Pattern Review, but I’ll give a few details here.

First of all, the bed involves sewing opposite curves together — its own interesting challenge. I’ve never really done this properly before. I staystitched and clipped the inner curves and ease-stitched the outer curves, which worked really well. The inner cushion muslin was a lot easier to sew this way than the outer minky fabric, since the muslin stretches on the bias and the minky is a one-way knit. Yay for me finally learning how to do this successfully.

The other issue was the stuffed cushion. The pattern called for 120 oz. of fiberfill, some of which went into the nose and ears, but most of which went into the cushion. I only ended up using 4 out of 6 bags, and although this didn’t fill the bed “shell” out completely, if I had stuffed it any fuller, I would not have been able to fit it through the velcro opening. As it was, I still had to reinforce some of the bottom seams of the outer part because they ripped out the first time I removed the cushion.

The rest of it went pretty well. I mean, it’s really cute!


Rikku costume update!

I realize I haven’t written in here for a while, but it’s not for lack of progress. I’ve just been working on so much sewing stuff, I got overwhelmed. I’m still working on the Rikku costume, of course, and to add extra stress and fun to my holiday season, I’m making several presents for people this year. One of which is another dog bed, this one for my parents’ pug, Ginny. It’s almost finished, and I should have pictures very soon.

As for the Rikku costume, I have several progress pictures to share. As you might remember, here is the original costume drawing. And in one of my last entries, I talked about working on the top. Well, the top is finished except for the black strap and the front cord. I have supplies for these, but haven’t crafted them yet.

BUT! I do have pictures of me wearing the top with some stand-in straps and front cord. They’re blurry and quite silly, but they give a good idea of what the top will look like. I debated posting these pictures publicly, but then I realized that I’m going to be wearing this in public anyway. And if I can’t feel comfortable posting blurry pictures of me wearing a skimpy bikini top and “Toadily Cool” frog shorts, well, then what kind of cosplayer am I?

So here you go. These pictures contain BOOBS, such as they are. Fear my A-cups!

Jeanne poses goofily in the mirror. Sexy!
Maybe they’ll look bigger if I post a close-up shot…

As for detailed shots of the costume thus far sans my chest, here they are:
The main part of the scarf is complete!
Bikini front detail
Bikini back detail

Now, anyone can throw some trim on a yellow underwire bra and call it a Rikku top, but as you can see, my goal is to create something that looks — and holds together — like the actual top. I made some mistakes here and there, and had to make some necessary changes because of the way I constructed it (such as the location of the eyelets), but I think it’s overall successful. If I made another one, I know what I would do differently, and that’s the important part of the learning process, right?

Another thing that is important to me as I work on getting out of this pesky novice category is to make the wrong side of the costume pieces look as good as the right side. It would have been a million times easier to construct that top without making the binding look good on both sides, or by leaving the buckle strap unfinished, but I wanted it to look like…well, if the straight males in the audience will excuse me, I wanted it to look like it would if Rikku took off her top. Meaning, of course, that it is an actual finished garment. I’m sure this at least doubled the time it took me to make that particular piece.

I still have a long way to go on the costume and my sewing/costuming skills in general, but I’m feeling pretty good about this one so far.