I’m reading up on some pattern alteration stuff before diving into my next garment project. In the meantime, I’m working on a simple pumpkin applique, once again from Clotilde’s Sewing Savvy. What can I say, I’m into making cute stuff lately.

Of course, I’ve already learned something important. Something that is probably quite obvious to everyone else in the world: check the washing instructions before chucking the fabric into the washing machine. See, I got these placemats and napkins for the project, and washed them according to what kind of fabric they were (cotton) without noticing that the little tag said “hand wash only.” Derp. So there are some…problems on the back of the placemats. Namely, some of the weave threads broke and unraveled. It hasn’t made its way to the front of the mats, so I may be okay.

I’m still learning to applique corners, but by the time I finish the six placemats and six napkins, I’ll probably be a pro.

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