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The napkins are done! I still have to do the six placemats, though. That’ll be more of a challenge because of the weird fabric.

Here are some pictures. Of course, I didn’t realize until I was editing the images that I picked up the very first napkin I did, so it’s probably my worst one. Way to go, Jeanne!

Closer view
Close-up of pumpkin applique

And just for fun, I snapped a picture of the lovely unraveling threads on the back of the placemat that I mentioned in my last entry.

Awesome work, Jeanne!

I went to JoAnn’s today and spent the rest of my gift cards. I picked up a buttload of new bobbins (I ran out) as well as some pattern interfacing and this extremely cool hand embroidery book. I figured that since I’m not going to have an embroidery machine for a while, I may as well learn to embroider by hand. Creative people always find a way around their limitations, right?

With this pattern interfacing, I can start working on pattern alterations. I’m still working my way through the fitting books.


I’m reading up on some pattern alteration stuff before diving into my next garment project. In the meantime, I’m working on a simple pumpkin applique, once again from Clotilde’s Sewing Savvy. What can I say, I’m into making cute stuff lately.

Of course, I’ve already learned something important. Something that is probably quite obvious to everyone else in the world: check the washing instructions before chucking the fabric into the washing machine. See, I got these placemats and napkins for the project, and washed them according to what kind of fabric they were (cotton) without noticing that the little tag said “hand wash only.” Derp. So there are some…problems on the back of the placemats. Namely, some of the weave threads broke and unraveled. It hasn’t made its way to the front of the mats, so I may be okay.

I’m still learning to applique corners, but by the time I finish the six placemats and six napkins, I’ll probably be a pro.


Hi there! I’m still alive and still sewing. I’ve been so busy with my regular website and school in the last year, but now that I’m unemployed, I have time to sew. It’s actually a blessing.

Right now, I’m working on finishing up the projects I either started or for which I bought supplies. First on the list was the bunny bib mentioned in the last entry. I finished it up today. Here are some pictures:

Bunny bib front
Bunny bib back
Bunny bib front bias tape detail
Bunny bib back bias tape detail

I could only get so close with the dinky camera. :) Here are some notes from the project:

The Good
*This time around I had no trouble with the applique feed. I used 0.3 for the stitch width and didn’t experience any of the issues I discussed before.

*Thanks to a little bit of coaching in a presser foot class (that I took sometime within the last year or so), I was able to go around curves more successfully with the applique. Also, my start and end points matched up better than before.

*The bias tape was a LOT, LOT better this time around. While I haven’t been sewing, I’ve been doing more reading, and I decided to try some of what I read for the bias tape application. I took a lot more time with shaping the curves with the iron, and I hand-stitched the back after machine sewing the front. It’s not perfect, but it’s such an improvement over the last attempt. And the hand-stitching may be more time consuming but a) I don’t have a bias tape application foot, and b) it gave me a lot more control than trying to catch both sides with the machine at once.

The Bad
*I appliqued the center piece first, and quickly learned that it’s best to do the outside pieces first. No biggie, but just a thought for next time.

*I haven’t yet mastered appliqueing corners — I have some excess stitching in the yellow. I’ll have to figure that one out.

*One of the alignment marks is slightly visible through the bunny. Note to self: material isn’t 100% opaque.

*I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but the instructions call for sewing the rick-rack on with invisible nylon thread. For the life of me, I could not get this to work last time — I tried different types of thread in the bobbin, even. So like last time, I just used a regular kind-of-matching thread to sew it on. Plus, even if I wanted to try the nylon again, the top broke off the thread spool. Odd, that.

In all, I would consider this one a success!

I’ve been working on my scarf as well, and I’m just over six inches to completion. I’ll post pictures when it’s finished.