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I just finished making a bib for my cousin’s baby:

I got the project idea out of Clotilde’s Sewing Savvy. I learned some new techniques, which I kind of suck at so far. I did my first satin stitch applique on a project. It turned out pretty well, except for the starting/ending points which are really obvious. I also attached bias tape around the edges, which did not go well. The fold wouldn’t stay on the edge of the fabric, and it just did not want to go around curves well. So I’m not extremely pleased with it, but it was my first time with bias tape.

I also need to find some kind of fabric marker that can be removed. I was using a quilting pencil, which would not come off with the eraser or with water. The chalk liner that was recommended to me had the same problem. I’m not sure if this is because I was using white fabric or what. I scrubbed the fabric too hard, but my scrub lines were covered up by the rickrack.

But overall, it was a quick, easy project that helped me learn some new stuff. Hopefully the second one I make (with a bunny applique) will be better.